He does way to much

Ok so my bf he gets his new laptop & he ask me to hold it while he charge it up . So he puts it in my lap i lift the laptop up to try n fix it because the cord was underneath the lap top. He then goes see you holding it with no hands give me the laptop i forgot u messed my other one up. I then proceed to say i was about to hold it i was trying to get the cord from under the laptop. He tells me u was about to just stfu & he says he’ll go charge it up n his room.

So like right now I’m so irritated with him ain’t no other dudes coming off to there gf like this . Over a laptop. But it’s cool he’ll get his . N yet he wonder y i be having a attitude or my face be frowned up look at what u just said. Idc what u did . I was just trying to lift the laptop up to get the cord form underneath then i was going to hold it correctly 🙄🙄🙄🙄... all i can do is shake my head . He really doesn’t respect me but tells me i don’t respect him. But watch he going pop up n try to apologize n be like my bad for coming off to u like that . 😡😡😡