Dad won't let me get a fast food job


I'm 18 years old. I want to get a job so I can move out and not deal with my dad's restrictions. He calls me sexist slurs whenever I look at a guy, wear makeup, try to get a job, etc. Basically if I live my life he gets mad. He's always slut shaming me even though I have never done anything insane. I have an interview at Domino's Pizza on Friday.

He doesn't want me to get a job in fast food though. The reason he believes this is that his sister (my aunt obv) met her SO when she was working at a fast food place and got pregnant out of wedlock by that guy. Nothing traumatic happened to her at the food place and that guy loved/loves her a lot.

My dad has no good reason to think I would get pregnant out of wedlock. And even if I did, whatever goes into/out my vagina is none of his business. He's just obsessed with what goes into his female relatives' vaginas. It's sexist and gross.

Am I overreacting about his remarks? Is he just sexist and restrictive?

Edit: I'm looking for a job in customer service or in a retail store at the mall. I've applied for a few and interviewed, I'm just waiting to see if I get thoss job offers. Fast Food is my last resort although I respect that industry. I would just prefer a job in a clothing store at the mall because I have extensive knowledge in sewing and fashion design. I just love clothes!! :) But I'm willing to take a chance in any other industry just so I can get money to move out and get some work experience.