Ugh! MIL Drama!!! Long post.

So technically she's not my MIL yet but still she drives me crazy. 
​Anyways, SO and I are supposed to be heading up to her house in the next few days to go look at apartments in the area. I was texting her last night and told her that if we want to move up there then there will be a lot to consider before we move. Now, I knew right then it was going to be bad. She is a sensitive woman who takes everything personal and IMO she doesn't really think things through before freaking out. So she asked what things would we have to consider and as far as she knew that we were planning on moving closer to her regardless. I tried to explain to her that the area that she lived in would put me over an hour away from my OB and any hospital that has emergency care. (I have kaiser and they aren't in that area) Also it will add an extra hour to the drive if my family or friends wanted to come visit. They already live a good hour away from where I'm living in Sacramento. Plus I wanted to be closer to my mom since well, she's my mom and this is my first child and her first grandchild. Then it turned into how I was hoping to deliver the baby close to my hometown in either Vacaville or Vallejo. I wanted to do that so I could have my mom right there when I went into labor. My mom is a school teacher and works her butt off everyday and my MIL is a housewife that doesn't have any demanding obligations compared to my mom. But she still took offense to the fact I want to be close to my mom which would put me 2 hours away from her when I have the baby. She was so upset that she stopped texting me. I've only known this woman for 3 months and she drives me crazy. She stresses me out the way she complains and talks about stuff. It's to the point where I don't even want to read the texts I get from her. I make my SO read them most of the time. She has 4 kids and my SO is the youngest. I understand her wanting to be there but I don't want her there in the hospital room before, during, or after the birth. I don't want that stress. I have to put up a front with her and I can't be myself and I know I'm not going to want to deal with watching what I say right after labor and no sleep. I can say whatever I want to the people close to me and they don't care or take offense. So of course my SO starts in on me about how I have shit against his mom and his whole family and she's the only one that cares about me and blah blah blah. I'm not excluding the woman I'm just trying to give my mom, two close friends, and hopefully my father a chance to see the baby before we go back up to where ever we will be living. Everyone on my side works long hours and has stuff to do all day his mom not so much. The most she does is pay bills and cook for her husband other than that she just does whatever all day. I see it as she had her 4 kids and she got to be in charge of what went on. It's my turn and it's pissing me off to the point where I don't want her around if it's just going to be drama. Maybe I'm wrong? What do you guys think? Have any of you gone through this?