TWW :/

Davone • I`m a happily married lesbian who is trying to start a family with her wife. TTC baby #2 the 1st is 21 yrs old.
Right after our first <a href="">IUI</a> I went to a birthday dinner with my sister Stephanie in the city. I didn't drink any alcohol. I got home late and went to bed after midnight. We got up at 4am to get on a flight from NYC to Miami because it was my 41st birthday. We walked up and down a Ocean Drive shopping and eating. I came back in the hotel and was sleep at 6pm until the next day. 
Beta blood pregnancy test at my doctors office is scheduled for  September 23rd Cycle day 22 9 DPO & 10 DPIUI.
9/14- My 41st birthday
Day of Ovulation & 1 DPIUI- BBT 97
I had lots of bloating I looked 2 months pregnant and some gas. I was also very fatigue. I felt pulling in my uterus and my bladder seem full all day.  I was very fatigue I slept on my birthday from 6pm to 6am the next day. 
1 DPO & 2 DPIUI- BBT 97.56
More bloating, constipated, lower back pain. Acne breakout on my chin smh!