is she being played?

i think she is unfortunately, but she doesn’t think so

started talking to a guy on snapchat. have never facetimed or met before (go to same school different grade) he said “i love you” after snapchatting for 4 day’s. he said he would facetime her, got food poisoning that night. next day went to baseball practice but got really sick at night. out with his friends playing golf all day. said his phone ipad and computer aren’t working so he can’t facetime her, happened RIGHT before he was supposed to.

other details like he told her he’s always noticed her in the school hallway but never thought he’d be lucky enough to date her. said he’d give her one of his sweatshirts with his name on it so people would know she “belongs to him” and he’s so glad “she belongs to him now”

i told her to run, he’s playing her. she is now mad at me so i’m pretending to be supportive

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