Step kids


I feel really bad about saying this but sometimes I really want to smack my step kids when they hold our baby. I’ll tell the oldest to not pick him up because he’s sleeping and less than 10 minutes later he’s being held and then he’s crying and I have to stop what I’m doing to feed/change/hold him. The youngest holds him like they’ve never held a baby before. I’ve actually had to catch him while they’ve held him because they won’t support his head or upper body. It’s exhausting and I hate having to deal with this. They love him and I’m grateful for that but I seriously want them to back off sometimes.

Part of me feels like it’s a little bit of PP rage. I’ve felt out of control for a majority of my pregnancy and now that he’s here I just want a little respect and consistency in my life. Never mind I haven’t had a solid night of sleep since he’s been born.

Edit: The step kids are teens..they have babies at their mom’s house too. They just have zero boundaries or respect for anyone. They’re disrespectful to anyone that their mom doesn’t like. They have been taught that it’s okay to do whatever makes them feel good regardless of the consequences. If you think it’s okay for a teenage girl to hang a two month old baby by their arms or legs then do that shit at your own house. Do come after me when your issue is with your BD and his girlfriend/wife. We had no issue with these kids until their mom found out that I was pregnant. I cook, clean, and buy shit for them all the time. They have never had to go without here. And yes! I did try treating them like they were my own kids. Their mom straight up told them that I mean nothing to them and they don’t have to listen to me.