Tips on transitioning to crib?


Okay ladies I need some advice! My baby girl is almost 16 weeks. This past week we’ve went from swaddle to sleep bag (she still hasn’t rolled but is getting very close) but I’m thinking it’s about time to transition her to her crib. Right now she’s next to our bed in a swinging and vibrating bassinet. She’s almost to long for it now. Since she’s been born the only way she’s sleep was if she was on the highest level or swinging and vibration. I’ve been slowly turning the swinging levels down and she’s even sleeping some nights with the swing and vibration off. How do you suggest we move to her crib? Should we move the crib into our bedroom? I’m not sure I’m ready for her to leave our room yet. I honestly want her to stay in our room until she’s a year. Would that be bad to move her crib to our room until she’s a year then transition her to her own room?