Might be time to end this


An ex of mine from 10yrs ago recently bought a house in the community my family and I live in, in fact he's just 3 mins away driving. He and I have been friends since we both agreed to break up years ago, and he has hung out with my husband, we even brought in a new year together.

Anyway, him and his girlfriend are planning a house warming. They were waiting until our state fully opened up, so they've been planning for almost 2 months now. In that time my husband and I was asked to go to their house and pick up a few packages. Turned out to be the beds he ordered. We picked them up and stacked them on his back deck then covered with a tarp to prevent rain from wetting them. We figured, why not, we're cool and it's a nice thing to do for friends.

A couple days later I was asked to go pick up another package, then another, and another. I now only hear from him to be reminded to go by the house to pick up more packages. My truck is full and I'm starting to put things in our garage. Yesterday I got a call saying "you should go to the house whenever you go out because we have more packages ready" I said ok. Today his text read "did you go by the house, a few things should be there". I reminded him that it was Sunday and they'll be no deliveries. He then said "ok, make sure you go tmrw". I didn't respond.

The thing is, it's starting to feel more like an obligation than a friendly gesture. They both work in NY and currently still staying there and only come out here (2hrs) on weekends. This weekend they didn't show due to a prior arrangement.

My husband's upset because he's been saying that they're using me and he feels that this is how having them as friends, living so close by is gonna be. I agree. I've never gotten a call or text asking how I'm doing, how my family is doing. I only hear from them to be told that I should drive over and collect their mail, smh. I'm starting to feel used and unappreciated because I don't even get so much as a thanks. To top it all off, his girlfriend doesn't even like me, see feels like he still has feelings for me and maybe the reason he bought his house in this community is to be close to me. That's not even the case as he had no idea where I lived as he hasn't been here before.

My husband's ready to end our friendship. He says he's not sitting by and watching anyone use and abuse his wife. I'm ready to just talk it over with them, let them know how we feel and maybe suggest they send their orders to their apt and bring them home with them on weekends. Not sure how things will be after the talk but I'm willing to give it a shot. What do you think??