HCG Levels 💖


Hi ladies, first time pregnant & don’t have an official first OB appointment/US until August 5th but I have been getting blood draws. I do not know how far along I am since I am very irregular and stopped tracking during quarantine. I had some spotting and cramping last night & got to see and hear babies heart beat on US, but only by the ER physician who could just tell me baby was okay; but no age/time frame.

- On June 27th I got my first positive test.

-June 29th, my blood test was 200.

-July 2nd, my blood test was going 1,516.

-Last night, my blood test was at 61,617.

Drop your most recent blood tests & let me hear how far along you are or we’re at the time! I know everyone is different, I just wanted to see if maybe I could get an idea!!! 💖

Baby Dust to all you beautiful momma’s to be & those who are continuing to try!