Just switched practices!

Maggie • Age 29. Baby #1 on the way!
My DH and I had done some hospital tours, and we didn't really like the hospital my old midwife delivers out of. I'd liked the practice I had been going to well enough, but I found two other providers and hospitals I liked a lot better. After a month of sitting on it, I finally decided to go with a different midwife practice that is about an hour away (the affiliated hospital allows water births). I was soooo nervous about the drive (as is my DH), but I had such a fabulous first appointment yesterday that I think it will all be worth it. My new midwife actually spent time talking to me and explaining everything and is so open to creating a birthing experience that I want (versus my old midwife that was in and out of the appointment without providing any details about anything and had a "we'll figure it out when the time comes" approach to labor and delivery). Anyhow, I just wanted to share as I had been hesitant to switch doctors late in the second trimester. If you aren't super happy with your current provider, I definitely recommend looking into other options. I now feel so much more comfortable about what's to come. :)