FET #2: Need your tips!

Katelynn🤰🏻🌈 due 5.9.21 IVF 🐕👼👼👼, 4 on 🧊

FET #2 will be 8.21 pending my 8.14 lining check goes well🤞

I just did ERA so PIO will be adjusted when I get results early next week. No inflammation (just got Receptiva results back). Removed my tube with fluid, removed uterine septum.. I think we’ve narrowed it to either abnormal embryo or PIO was off as reason for failed FET #1. We have 6 embabies left, non PGS.

Last time I ate warm foods, no caffeine/alcohol, limited sugar... drank Pom juice, ate pineapple core, Brazil nuts, stayed hydrated... those of you who have had successful transfers, what else can I do?! Or should I not do any of the above and chill the f out? Taking any advice you can give!

And here’s my protocol if you have any comments on that:

Baby aspirin CD2- 12 weeks

Prenatals CD2- 9 mos

Estradiol 2X/day 2 mg CD2-8 weeks

Estrogen patch .1mg/day, change every 3 days CD2-8 weeks

PIO 1ML (either transfer on day 6 or 7) CD15- 9weeks

Letrozol CD 2-14, 2.5 mg 1X/day

Medrol 2 days before, day before, day of, day after FET

Valium 1 hour before transfer

Any recommendations/comments? Thanks in advance ladies! 💗