Transfer in 5 days, HELP

Queen 👑

Good Morning ladies 😘 Well I’ve decided to try the transfer hacks. I picked up some Pom juice... this was the biggest bottle I could find & I’ve never had it before so im anxious to try it!! How much Pom juice did you all drink? I want to know how many more I should buy. Im willing to suck it up even if I find it gross 😆 Okay so check this out.... the employee at stop & shop said Brazil nuts were only a seasonal thing & I wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere?!?!?!?! I was kinda bummed lol. So i just got my favorite nuts instead. Is the Brazilian nuts thing true? They’re only seasonal?! Gosh I feel like a crazy person..... now off to search the web for cute socks for transfer day 😂 is there anything else u guys did before transfer to aide in implantation?!?! #HELPPP