When’s my best time to get pregnant?

My husband and I both want to start our family. However, he’s big on “what if’s”... what if I get covid and the baby and I die? what if the president completely ruins the USA and we have to flee to another country? etc. etc. I feel like now is our best time to have a child just based on the track our lives are on right now. I am doing mostly online classes and I’m sure the all of them will go online soon. We are financially stable and secure. We have our own home. If we wait, I don’t want to be pregnant during my senior year of college or my first year of teaching... so that puts us starting to try to get pregnant 3 years from now and it might not happen on our first try. Also, my husband will be 29 if we wait and get pregnant on our first try. We got married young and he also said he wanted to have all our children before he turned 30. We want 2-3 babies.... if we start trying now, which was originally the plan, he’ll be 26 by the time our baby is born. I just feel like there’s “what ifs” no matter when.

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