Do you pee or wipe differently since having your baby

So do you guys pee or wipe differently and how so?

I got a small graze when I had my son (nearly 3 now) but its made 1 side droop down really far and all hang out, my pee comes out sideways I could probably pee between the seat and the bowl if I didnt angle myself because I know it goes out the side ?

Also the way i used to wipe is no good, if i wipe normally it just drips loads of pee into my knickers after about 5-10 minutes of sitting or moving about. Since having him I have to use one hand to hold the drooped side out the way so I can actually wipe 🤦‍♀️

Please tell me im not the only one

Sorry if this is the wrong group there's no where to post after birth problems that I found

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