Loss Of Patience


Lately i’ve been losing my patience very quickly with like everything. It is affecting just every aspect of my life, my family, my boyfriend. especially my boyfriend and I’s relationship!

I am so quick to get a bad temper, bad attitude over things not worth getting mad about. So easily agitated over things and it does not feel good mentally. My boyfriend and I fight over it because I start fights over the stupidest things.

I think I am stressed, I am not speaking to my mother again, for the second time in my life. I am sad about this happening again, I need the gym back in my life, I am losing hours at work, I am scared to fall into depression, I am bored at home. I hate being like this all the time.

I have accepted I do need to go to therapy again, I was seeing someone but I stopped, got very weird vibes from my therapist and haven’t looked at going to someone else but I know I need to. I would appreciate anyone’s comment knowing what could be causing this, why I am this way, if you are the same way, and advice/tips.

Thank you. 🤍