Very upset.. am I wrong??


So today we had our 20 week scan and I asked the lady doing the US if we could get a profile picture. She said yes. So at the end of the US she prints over 70 pictures leaves the room and comes back and hands me a stack of US and told me I was good to go and said my doctor would go over them with me Thursday at my next apt. I did t think of going through the US right then and there since there where so many and she had someone else waiting. Well I get to the car and start going through the picture and there is only 5 different pictures and 4-5 copies of each. All 3D except the gender which we already know and didnt ask for. But I didnt get the only picture I asked for. Dont get me wrong i am grateful for the pictures but who needs 5 copies if the same one?.

I am so hurt and I am still crying (darn emotions). Am I wrong to be upset?? Should I ask my doctor Thursday for a copy of the profile and give him all these other copies? Or should I just pay a third company and have another US down?