Share your awkward stories..


I just needed to share this awkward story that happened to me this weekend!

My husband and I went to his parents house for the weekend, and we were sleeping in the guest room. His 20 year old brother is a SUPER deep sleeper and often talks and even walks in his sleep and is really hard to wake up.

Well, my husband and I were sleeping when suddenly we wake up from the bedroom door slamming open. My brother in law walks in and proceeds to WALK INTO THE CORNER OF THE ROOM, OPEN HIS PANTS AND START PEEING!!!!

He was half asleep and super disoriented and THOUGHT IN HIS SLEEP THAT OUR ROOM WAS THE TOILET 😳😳😳

I was sooo mortified for him my husband shook him awake and I pretended that I was still sleeping so as not to embarrass him.

Yikesss I’m still so awkwarded out😂😂

Thankfully, he’s a chiller and everything is totally fine- I WANT TO HEAR YOUR EMBARRASSING STORIES :)