Anovulatory or just freaking out?

So guys, I've been ttc for 7 months now. I'm 23 and so is hubby. I used to have 28 to 30 day cycles with af lasting around 4-5 days. I ALWAYS get af every month but since I started charting, maybe 8 months ago, my cycles have been crazy irregular!!! Last few months, I had a 24 day cycle, a 14, and then a 40. Now I'm on day 35 and no sign of af, no pms symptons or anything. Took a hpt but bfn, maybe its too early to test. I think I just got another super long cycle this month from the looks of it. I started tracking my cm and I NEVER get EWCM. Just white, milky and watery cm, which is another reason I thought I might not be ovulating. I went to the gyno, she did pap smear and blood test and told me to start taking prenatals and keep trying. This was 3 months ago. I have been taking prenatals and DHA suplement and also now added VITEX. Also this month I decided to try Preseed but I'm not sure when I ovulate, if I even do, so I dont know how preseed would help me. I have been under some stress latetly, but I don't know if enough to be screwing around with my body like this. Also, I'm on my ideal bmi and no one in my family has fertily issues, in fact everyone in my family has 3+ kids, and my grandma had 14. My mom was VERY IRREGULAR AS WELL, and she achived 5 pregnancies on the first try.. :( a lot of pressure And makes me think, WHATS WRONG WITH ME???
Have any of you been through this? If so, or similiar, PLEASE HELP! 
My question to you guys is, do you think I may not be ovulating or am I just freaking out?