Can I get some support please

Back in may of 2017, my fiancée and I got pregnant, but ended having what was called a blighted ovum. In July of 2017, we got pregnant again and now our daughter is two years old going on three . With the first pregnancy we went to a hospital where we got the bad news, with our daughter we went to a different hospital. I’m currently 8 weeks along and have my first appointment tomorrow. We’re deciding to go through with the first hospital we went to because we didn’t like the experience at the second one. I have an appointment tomorrow and I think I’m nervous because I’m worried that we’re gonna get bad news at this hospital again . I’m worried its like gonna be cursed for us or something. I also read horror stories that women who were on the birth control nexaplonon (can’t spell it right now) Miscarriage their first time after going off of it and getting pregnant. I haven’t had any miscarriage symptoms, but I’ve also hardly had any pregnancy symptoms either other than mild nausea . I’m just scared I’m gonna get bad news tomorrow. I’ve been fretting about this for weeks. I’ve already taken ten tests and they all have came back positive. Does anyone think everything will be okay tomorrow?

Please no rude comments .