My husband wants an abortion


I just recently found out I was pregnant, with our 3rd. It's a surprise as my second is 9.5 months. I was on the pill and it was unexpected. I've always wanted 4-5 kids and my husband has always said he's good with 2 but we've always lightly discussed having a 3rd. I went on the pill instead of the IUD and let him know it's because if we have a kid in the near future I don't want to go through that painful process I'd rather take the pill. Well I surprised him on his bday with the news and he was so angry and blamed me and saying what's the point of the pill if you're going to get pregnant. He asked me to get an abortion. Id began spotting that day and told him I'm getting bloodwork to see if I'm having a miscarriage or not, we went away the following week and have gotten the bloodwork back and things are moving along normally. He insists on me having an abortion. I'm now 6.5 weeks and have always been a firm believer that if I could provide and give the baby a happy life I would go ahead and would not abort. We have the extra bedroom, we have the finances , there is absolutely no good reason not to. His reason is "it's too stressful". Well finally he came around and said hes just made he gets no say and I get to 100% decided something that affects his life but that he'll support me and we will get through it. I'm scared that he will resent me and the baby, that it will tear our family apart. Has anyone been through this and how did it work out for you ?