Need to vent


My sis in law is going there a divorce. So we let her move in till she gets back on her feet all she does is sleep all day an leaves me to watch my nephew I don’t mind but she gets mad if I correct him for hitting my kids. Well I had enough an decide to go stay a few days at my in-laws well I come home today an she has a guy here idc she can have friends over whenever but then she left to take her son to the doc office well when she came back she said she is embrassed to have people over cuz the house was a mess well before I left to my in-laws I picked everything up did dishes the house was clean I home home to sink of dishes her laundry piled up in my living room food she didn’t eat sitting on the table trash in my living room bathroom a mess the house was a huge mess I was embrassed she had someone over but I didn’t say anything I just helped clean it up because I kno she works nights but there was no reason the house should of been that messy I was only gone the weekend