Caught up in my feelings 💕

I just want to get this off my chest without any judgment since no one here knows me or the person I will be talking about personally so there’s no ties with that.

Here’s where we will start, it’s about my ex. My Ex and I dated for 2 years, lived with each other for a year. I think we started moving a little too fast for our own comfort so there was confusion and we were both caught up in other life situations that made us stressed. Basically things were broken off, and have been since 12/19. We have always had a lot of fun together, always worked with each other and overall enjoyed each other. I should also mention I am extremely close to his family including extended family. I still went over visited his little sisters, and his family just to keep the connection between them because I do love them like they are my own family. My Ex and I started to talk again in February but about a week later just had to end it because it wasn’t a smart move for either of us, still too fresh. Anyways no need for all the little details, in about May we really started having a genuine connection again, started talking, hanging out and just rebuilding a friendship because we made it clear we will always care for each other and be friends, it wasn’t a messy break up ( minus the tears and heart break 🤪 ) and that connection has only been getting stronger and stronger since then. We have actually reached a point where we are both confused at how well it’s reconnecting and just want to keep letting it continue. Just letting life lead us. It’s very very obvious that the connection that we had while dating is still there if not stronger. I have always felt in my heart that there is a reason I met this man, and even after letting go I’ve always had that feeling that he’s just right. I understand we dated and you tend to hang onto things, but it’s just different. There’s just something really special about the connection. No one ever believes me and always throws me down for saying it. Ever since we broke up, we always found ways back to each other. But again like I said recently it’s a really strong caring connection that we have rebuilt together taking our time and letting life lead us. I think it’s just sweet to see the effort building up like the beginning of a relationship. I just really care for him, and I’m all caught up in my feelings because I’m just so happy. I could go on and on, but I’m holding back just a little so I don’t let out too much and sound crazy. I promise both of us are feeling it, and both of us want to keep letting life lead us, and somehow we keep ending up on the same trail.

That’s all, I just wanted to get that little bit off, thanks for listening 💕