My 12 Year Old Is Manipulative!

My 12 year old daughter is extremely manipulative and IDK why. If I tell her she can't go out with her friends or to do her homework she'll say "Then I'm gonna go kill myself" " Or you better let me go before I kill myself. My boyfriend was recording our youngest daughter and showed me a video. My little daughter was playing and my 12 year old came up to him while he was recording her and said " I'm going to hang out with Josh" He said. No not until your mom gets home. This little girl said "Fine I'll tell my dad you raped me" she's crossing her arms and smiling! He goes what?! She starts to walk out the door and he said you know I'm recording right? She ends up running up the stairs. Where would she learn such manipulative shit like that. My boyfriend is worried she's gonna start telling lies to manipulate now. IDK what to do with her anymore.