Who's being unreasonable?

My sister and her family have recently moved a couple of hours away. My husband works away in the week and is only home at the weekend and I'm off work until next week. I was planning on going to visit them on Friday before going back to work as it's safer since I work in a school so I'll be working with 30+ chn. I'm 19 weeks pregnant so my sister asked if I wanted to stay over so I don't have to drive 4 and half hours in one day which I was going to. I would stay Thursday night so I could be back for qhen hubby is home Friday evening. All was fine until now my husband has Friday off work as he's got to go in on Sunday instead. I said that's great, we can go up there together, share the driving and have a nice day out together on Friday. He doesn't want to though, said he doesn't want to travel that much in a day.

I just feel really put out, I thought it would be a lovely chance to see them all together which is so rare with his job and he gets on so well with my brother in law and my sister. But he'd rather I go and stay there overnight (so won't see him when he gets home) and spend most of Friday there (his day off) rather than share the driving and both go for the day tomorrow. Am I in the wrong for feeling like he's being selfish/stubborn? Or am I for wanting to spend one of his days off this way?

Thanks for reading that and well done for reaching the end of my rant 😂 I do just want genuine opinions so please don't slate, just share what you think kindly (the pregnancy hormones are on the rampage today!) x

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