Period, Pregnancy, question after miscarriage

I had my miscarriage October 16th had no D&c my Dr said with the amount of bleeding I should be fine to just naturally miscarry. I bleed October 12th light thru the 27th heavier progressively.... I was told to wait till I got my period again to start trying again. So I've been making my SO wear a condom until then. But it still has not happened. After reading on here several when have got pregnant again before they get their period back. Am I safe to allow him to now wear a condom? He is all for starting to try again right away mean while I'm hesitant due to being scared of a second miscarriage but who wouldn't be....Anyways does anyone have advise on trying again? Is it to soon should I wait for the 1st period again or? I've seen so many different "My Dr said" that I wonder if mine is just being cautious.... I mean it has been 5 weeks