My Rainbow 🌈 baby c Section

Taylor 💍 • Jeremiah 29:11 🙏🏾I stand on the word

This story is coming 9 months later and I was tempted not to even share it,but because I searched for positive C -section stories when I found out I had to have one and seen a lot of hard stories I wanted to share a positive one that hopefully will ease some moms minds. Well because my baby refused to get into position and refused to turn after having the dr try to turn her I was scheduled for a C -section on Nov 8th 2019. I went in that morning at 6 am for preparation and once they wheeled me into the OR I was surprisingly calm. After the spinal tap kicked in the dr went to work getting her out which took all of about 7mins I believe. I have a full video but not sure if I can share it here. Ladies I know no two stories are the same but now being a mom that experienced giving birth both ways vaginally and C-section it wasn’t bad at all and I was up and walking day 2 and long as you take your medicine as scheduled and those showers you should be good to go. The recovery process went smooth and bout time I went home 3 days later I was able to move around the house without pain. I have a tiny scar and no extra pouch from the procedure that most said I would get so all in all it was a very pleasant experience and if you read my journey on here to get this miracle you will understand why not even a c -section could take away from the joy of finally having Phoenix Nova