I'm not sure if I'm late because I just quit taking birth control about a month ago, with that being said, I would have normally expected my period yesterday (28 day cycle). Me and my husband had sex on my projected most fertile day (Tuesday Sept 2) and then again on Friday after my dr told me I was ovulating. I have been cramping lightly for a little while yesterday and today (not all day maybe from the time I get up to about noon). I have of course been expecting to start at any time so I've wore a panty liner. For the last two days I have felt like I've just all of the sudden started but when I got to the bathroom there is nothing, not even a huge amount of discharge but it feels like very large amounts of something coming out of me. 
​Should I continue to wait it out until Friday before testing? I know it takes your time to adjust back from not being on the pill but I just need opinions lol I feel like a crazy person!