Kids and Coaches

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I was gonna post this in chit chat but actually i feel like it might be controversial 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lili was nervous to try a new skill in gymnastics today. She said “I’m too little” and wouldn’t let her coach let go of her. So her coach talked her into trying, and helped her do it safely. I allowed that— I think it is important to teach kids it’s ok to be scared, but it’s also important to do hard things and overcome those fears in a safe way.

A few minutes later, another little girl was literally purple she was crying and shaking so hard. This is a skill she has done before with no fear, but yesterday she wasn’t having it. The coach was going to have her skip the skill, but her mother stepped in and said “no, she’s done it before she can do it again” and had the coach walk her through it anyways. Once it was done, the little girl calmed down and participated in the rest of the activities with no issues.

That situation made me uncomfortable; I don’t think I could force my child to do a skill that made her that upset. I feel like at that point its harmful.

Let’s say it’s your child in an activity or sport, and they’re learning something new.

If they are scared or nervous about trying the new skill, do you allow the coach to talk them into trying it anyways? Do YOU force them to try it anyways? Does it depend on how scared/nervous they are?

Editing to add: I realize this comes across as judgy; I’m not trying to judge or shame the other mom. I was just caught off guard and wasn’t sure if that were something common or expected. It’s not something I personally could do and figured it probably was something controversial among parents 😊