Baby is a horrible sleeper help!!

My baby is 8 weeks. He is a terrible sleeper. We start a routine of a bath around 7/8. I turn everything off and usually he will go down around 9-10. Then he goes in and out until 1ish. At one he turns into a little fucking monster. He screams and crys and fights gojng backdown. He is fed burped changed rocked EVERYTHING YOU NAME IT. he just refuses to go back to bed. I had him in the swing tonight he sat there for 30 minutes staring at the damn mobil. This would be fine but now its 6:30 in the damn morning and he is STILL awake fighting sleep. Ive tried gripe water, gas drops, nested bean swaddle. A normal swaddle litterally EVERYTHING. THIS IS ALMOST AN EVERY NIGHT THING. IM FUCKING EXHASTED.

I keep him in the light durring the day so he knows when day time is. I have everything off. Ive tried the hatch baby. Ive tried music. I litterally dont know what else to do. How do i get him to go to sleep!