Plan B

My husband (20 years old) was begging me (21 years old) to have sex with him. I work a rotating shift, so I'm really tired a lot. I'm not in the mood much, especially with our twin daughters almost to their terrible twos. He decided he doesn't want to wait until our planned time to make me pregnant again. As soon as he came inside me he told me he did, but he didn't look at me like usual. It was like he was happy, proud of himself. I was scared at let him know that. Because I freaked out we talked about the plan b pill, when I got home from work he had at screamed at me until I took it. He wouldn't even let me read the side effects, all he'd let me see was that's what it was. Two days later I'm bleeding heavy. When he did this is was the last day of my period. My OB can't see me for a few weeks. Is this normal?