Are they all the same?

Lorena • Momma to 3 beautiful babies!🤍🤍🤍
My gut is telling me he's cheating. We've been together 3 1/2 years, ttc almost 3 years, have a joint savings account so we could start building our home this time next year, I mean it was an amazing relationship. Things started going down hill since his idiot brother in law tried hitting on me and then made up stuff saying I tried hitting on him. Since then, he changed his password on fb, his relationship status, when we're together he deletes the messenger app do his msgs won't come in, his phone is in his pocket even if we're taking a nap, even if he showers his phone is in the restroom. I know he's cheating, my gut can't be wrong and all these little clues. Are all guy really the same? I don't want to start over with anyone, it's so tiring to go through the whole process of meeting and memories the family, getting comfortable with everyone getting to know each other's flaws and body. Like ugh why can't man just be faithful and focus on the one person who gave them everything.