Unexplained Infertility

"Unexplained Infertility" as someone in the medical field I hate when things are "unexplained." I got diagnosed in September, my OB referred us to a fertility doctor and I had my first appt in October. So my history: my OB checked my levels early on, I ovulate perfectly fine. After 10 months of trying we did 2 months of clomid 50mg before my husband had a semen analysis- it was normal. Did one more round of clomid- unsuccessful. Had the dreaded HSG in September-uterus looked great, both tubes flushed perfectly. So when we didn't get pregnant that month we knew we needed a fertility doctor. He did an ultrasound- uterus looks good, no obvious endometriosis. Did <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> with femara and ovidrel on 11/7. Had 2 follicles 18mm, 19mm on the Wednesday before, 17 million sperm after wash. Tested yesterday had a vvvf line, last night started spotted, tested again this morning and it was a bfn. I feel completely defeated. After a year and half I'm losing my hope and I'm so sad about it. I have an amazing husband and a beautiful step daughter, but my family just doesn't feel complete. So sometimes I think it may be easier to have something wrong and take it from there instead of trying everything and it not working. Can anyone relate? Or has anyone had success stories after something similar?