So I guess this is it.


I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and Severe IBS recently had a colonoscopy due to health scares so it’s on going! and just wanted to share incase anyone else has worries like I do or is in the same boat as me ttc or found out they are indeed pregnant and worry setting in.

I’ve had 4 surgeries for endometriosis my last being dec 2018 and then a mirena coil and endless issues since being 14/15. I never thought the day would come where I even took a pregnancy test let alone get faint positives and then a FRER positive test. Miracles really do happen.

Yesterday I got a lot of VFL on IC tests 6 in fact because I kept holding to do them and thought could it be!! and I had hope but thought it would fade by this morning or be a Wack test. I even got my husband to wee in a cup and I tested a strip on his wee!! Yikes!

This morning I have done two more IC and also a FRER and all are + and pink.

I am so happy but so worried too. My sister had 1 ectopic pregnancy then onto have her first and now second but struggled with her second and I have all my health issues I just hope this Bubbles sticks and my dream will come true.

A girl can dream. ❤️ here are the results last night and this morning all within 3 minutes thanks everyone for all your support yesterday and going forward - BABYDUST TO ALL YOU MAMAS AND SOON TO BE MAMAS!! I got you!

Last night

This morning but terrible lighting

FRER this morning fmu it’s pink in person!