Baby has ICEF and SUA

Kara • Enjoying time with the little guy before trying for a second ❤️
We had our 20 week anatomy scan  yesterday and found that our baby has a bright spot on the heart known as ICEF and only one artery in the umbilical cord instead of two, known as SUA. The baby's position wasn't good in order to see everything for the scan (he wouldn't show his face to check nasal bone and lips and was laying on his arms so we couldn't see the fifth digit) so we are scheduled to go back for a second one.
We had genetic testing done and the results were negative but in the past ICEF has been linked with downs. The doctor didn't seem too concerned but it's nerve wrecking since we couldn't see his face to verify the nasal bone. As far as the SUA, she said we will need to monitor his growth monthly to make sure he is growing properly (which right now everything checks out and he is actually measuring one week ahead).
We're waiting to hear back about our second scan, currently scheduled Dec9 but I am trying to get in sooner since my husband and I are worried.
Has anyone experienced this before? Happy thoughts and prayers, please.