Should I Call Him

We were together almost 3 years. The whole break up is confusing. He started getting meaner and irritated easily. He told me it was because of being depressed (not diagnosed). He started saying mean things for example I was telling him I was feeling insecure and he said “I’m insecure all the time go be insecure to your mom.” Mean things like that. It was like everything went down hill out of no where. Both of our birthdays went good. I gave him a bunch of customized gifts related to music. I put in so much effort. I gave him all of me. He’s my first love, first guy I ever had sex with, first real bf. He just let it all slip away. He told me that he couldn’t be there for me like I was for him. He said he loved me but then let me go still when I was fighting hard for him. A week goes by and I gave him the space he said he needed. When I called him he said “I just wasn’t feelin it anymore.” 4 weeks later he sent me a “hey” text and I didn’t answer. I miss him. How can we go from best friends and lovers to strangers!? Should I call him? Advice :(