So angry

This dude I was seeing after almost 2 years of being single is MARRIED, so he lied about being divorced. He got me pregnant but I sadly miscarried and he doesn’t give a rats ass about it. Then he had the nerve to tell his wife or whatever she is about my self-harm, about my other two miscarriages, my eating disorder I had when I was a teenager and that I have Asperger’s syndrome (which is why I’m posting anonymously bc I do NOT like talking about the Asperger’s). To top it off, when I thought we’d have a private phone conversation, he put me on speaker so his wife or whatever and she threw her two cents in. She’s insulting me, and he does NOTHING to stick up for me. So angry. This is why I don’t date. 😡🙄 (By the way, I didn’t know he was married until AFTER the miscarriage happened. He showed interest in me first. We never really dated. We were “involved” but he told me he was in love with me and I fell in love with him too, except my feelings were real).