Not feeling loved by your “partner”

Hey you all. Needing some advice or wondering has anyone else ever felt this way. I’m currently with my child’s father and I have never felt so unloved by a man. He has done me wrong in ways I won’t even mention and I’ve taken him back. Every time! He is not affectionate at all. Barely tells me he loves me unless I say it first. And when he did start to say it, it felt like he only said it out of habit so I wouldn’t get upset? If that makes sense. I can count on my hands how many times he’s said he’s missed me or just shot a random “thinking of you” text. Every time I express this to him he says “really? Do we have to talk about this right now?” And so I shut down because every time I try to talk about my feelings he doesn’t budge. Or when he has sat and listened it went absolutely nowhere. The same behavior continued. I sound like a broken record. Idk how many times I have repeated myself and told him the way I feel. He either doesn’t care or he does but just wants to do things his way. I ask for the smallest things like shoot me a text when you make it in safe (he goes out a lot, we don’t live together) and he can’t even do that. He literally just won’t do it. He has done it maybe 5 times and that’s it. We’ve been together way too long for him to have only done this 5 times. So it turns into me “nagging” about it and I just don’t understand if I’m asking for too much or if I’m really being neglected. I feel like I’m begging for communication, love, and companionship and idk if it’s just me asking for too much. I know everyone’s love language is different but I don’t think this is a case of that. I think he just downright doesn’t give a hell how I feel. I have never been with a guy that Made me feel this way. I feel like idk where we stand but he tells me all the time we are together and I just feel like I’m with a brick wall...... he’s so closed off, and for me to have been with him this long you’d think I’d be his go to person to talk to like he is mine, but I’m not. He doesn’t tell me anything personal at all. It’s just a mess. what should I do 😔