Is this alarming?

So I have a daughter who is 1 and a boyfriend whom I have been dating for 6 months. He has met her because I have my daughter full time and that’s just my reality. I have been very protective over her with him because I have read horror stories from single mom’s and men with their kids.

Well, my boyfriend comes over a few times a week and he is starting to weird me out. He is extremely intrigued when I change her diaper. I changed her in my bedroom and he came in, laid next to her, and was looking at her private parts. I figured maybe he just is curious what it’s like to change a diaper? But then it kept happening and last night she ran from me as I changed her and he goes “damn look at that assssss”. I told him uhhh what and he goes “kidding, take a joke!” I told him we had to go to bed and he needed to leave. I’ve been ignoring him since because I just feel weird.

Am I being dramatic or overreacting? Or is this completely inappropriate and should I not be with him? I really appreciate any and all advice please