TDAP shot/booster at 2years while pregnant, yes or no?


My OB says hubby and I don’t need to get TDAP shots because we got it two years ago, despite the CDC saying to get it for every pregnancy. More specifically though it’ll be two years in October and baby is due in December. I’ve asked my family to get it if it’s been over two years for them (although I just read it’s 10 years for family rather than 2) and also flu shots, but I’m concerned some of them won’t. Should I just get it despite what OB said? Should everyone get it if it’s been 2years, or just if it’s been 10years (or if they’re not sure)? I’m not against getting it again, leaning towards getting it just to be safe, I’m just confused about whether I need to.

I hope the question/ options aren’t confusing because I’m kinda confused.

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