Maybe 6 hours sleep total... but going!!


Well... I've been hurting so badly and cramping so badly and off and on contractions for three days and three nights now... I haven't had much sleep, even with trying different positions, walking around, yoga ball, warm bubble bath, and tylenol pm, I still couldn't sleep. I think I've had maybe 6 hours sleep total in the last two days and that's including small naps. I had no energy the last two previous days. Like COMPLETELY drained. Woke up today, exhausted but I couldn't go to sleep and I just tossed and turned. So I finally got up and out of bed at 10:15. Scrubbed the bathroom completely clean and mopped. Cleaned the living room and kitchen, mopped and swepted, wiped everything down and sprayed everything.. sprayed the furniture, and cleaned all the dishes from everyone, on top of cleaning all the laundry, filling out a rental house application, and got her hospital bag completely packed and got our almost completely packed. Now to clean the grandparents to be bathroom because I have so much energy 😂😂 what's wrong with me???