Ask and You Will Receive

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary. I have a BA in Psychology. Been dealing with PCOS for 22 years. I work at Sander’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop and trying to get my head around this COVID craziness!
Why is it so hard for some of us to ask for something while others jump at the opportunity? My brothers and sisters in Christ I believe the difference between asking for things and not lies in between trusting in the Lord's Providence versus distrust. 
If you trust in The Lord He will reward you but perhaps not in the way you would expect. 
Take me for instance. In the summer of 2011 while in prayer thanking Him for helping me pass my drivers test I asked Him to get to know Him more deeply than I had. And boy did I ever. 
In Fall semester of 2011, I went to my 4 year university Northern Michigan University. There I was paired up with a ill cooperative roommate who wanted to make my life miserable all because she felt entitled to a private room. Out of desperation to escape my situation, I went to my local campus minstry, where I met friends and people "on fire" with the spirit of The Lord. Even so, I wondered for a time why I got paired up with someone so nasty as my roommate. 
I asked and given a few days God gave me the answer. He put the into my mind this,"Would you have gone to campus ministry had you not been in your situation with your roommate? Your suffering means that I'm getting closer to me. Exactly what you wanted. Right?"
Lightbulb moment! Hook, line, and sinker! I knew He had answered my request. Simply put, I desired more. 
So I asked another God another question, "Do you think I should go into religious life? What do you think I should do?" Given three years, experiencing and recovering from clinical depression with psychosis He finally gave me an answer at church. 
As I was listening to the sermon there, God showed me in my mind a picture of men and women talking about their experiences with mental health in a faith based setting. And then He brought to my mind this, "Go to school and study to be a therapist. Work and volunteer in this area at your college. In the meantime, spread what you've learned in therapy, Depression Connect, and literature on mental illness to my children. When you have the time, bring my children my aid to them in their mental health and spread my goodness."
So my friends, trust in The Lord and he will give you what you need. Distrust works against you. 
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7