Got jealousy?

Please don't judge me, I just need to vent...... Starting in March I have had a tubal reversal, been diagnosed with PCOS, been on Clomid... Developed OHSS which gave me 17 cysts last month and took away any chance of trying that month. This month I had a hemorrhagic cyst..... And to top it all off, 13 of my friends/co-workers are pregnant.... THIRTEEN!!!!! 4 of them are freaking out and don't even want to be pregnant.  I think I am getting almost bitter and jealous towards everyone. I really have never been so overwhelmed with these feelings and am feeling like a bad person for having them. How do you guys deal with all these feelings??? Is it normal to get this way or am I just being over-emotional? Ugh... This year has definitely been a struggle it seems like. :(