Hated by in laws?

My in laws hate me to death! (Especially his mom and sisters). Ever since the first day my husband introduced me to them, and especially after we got married. My hubby is in the Army, and every time he goes away they all start drama with me. They make one small thing into a huge thing. Or they make things up. Its so ridiculous and super annoying. I just wish they'd stay out of our business! & to make matters worse we are stationed in our hometown. Its fustrating knowing that they are watching my every move. But when he comes back, they pretend to like me, just because he's there. They all talk so much crap about me. (I know this because my husband's brother's wife tells me what they say). One of the times, his mom even told me "you're not family". I talk to my husband about this issue all the time. All I want is for him to talk to his parents to give me my place as his wife, and to show more respect for our marriage. But its as if im talking to a wall!

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