Advice on cutting off FWB


So I started talking to my ex again & we have sex twice which was amazing. We’re even think about getting back together, we dated for 5 years prior. However, I like/liked a guy who I was talking to over a year since my ex & I broke up. The guy is nice but inconsistent, has a 1 y/o whom has recently taken up most of his time which I respect. However, the red flags are more apparent as I think back. He stood me up for 3 dates & struggles with maintaining an erection. So embarrassing, he came by to see me after a 2 week break due to a yeast infection followed my period. Bruh came to tickle me & bite me. He fingered both holes & was acting funny when I would try to give him head. I eventually did but he came & stated that he wanted to make my cum 4 times before he did. Why not just sex me?🙄 He agreed to be FWB but I’m not benefiting at all. How should I go about ending it & just remaining strictly friends?