Friend/Co-worker Announced Pregnancy Today

Victoria • 29 y/o. Diagnosed with PCOS 2014. Married 2012. Mortgage Underwriter.
and I'm a little bummed. 
Which makes me even more bummed bc I feel guilty. I'm happy for her, really. She got pregnant the cycle before she was supposed to start Chlomid. She literally had the Rx and was waiting for AF...that never came. A BFP did instead. 
​Here I am at the end of my first cycle of Chlomid. Which failed. I know the blood test I had done today will come back neg on Monday. I know I need a higher dosage which will bring stronger side effects. I know that there's no way I can do this without meds but I was hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe...
​Oh well. I'm going to let myself be bummed for one night but that's it. I'm going to be positive and patient in the morning. It will all work out the way it's suppose to and that's that.
​</end pity party/>