Ttc pcos

Hi everyone! My fiancé and I have been Ttc for a year now. I was diagnosed with pcos about a year and a half ago. I got my period for the first time at age 12, but it was always irregular. I'm a very petite girl, always have been so my mom nor I ever thought twice about it. I was athletic and constantly running around so we thought that could be why it was irregular. Well little did I know I didn't get a period because of my pcos. Also had other symptoms. Anyways, my doctor gave me my first round of provera in February and a second round last month. The first time I got my period two weeks after and second I got it day 11. I was also proscribed my first cycle of clomid which I finished at the beginning of this month. I can't help but to be down in the dumps because mydic said if I didn't get pregnant from the first cycle then it was onto other fertility options...but here's the thing... My results were orginally .8 after testing on day 22 my levels were 11.6! Which means the clomid worked! When would I take a test? This is such a frustrating time I'm so sad of seeing negative tests all the time... Also why the heck would I have to try something else when the clomid obviously did what it should? I know it's not good to do too many cycles but why not try two or three cycles if it's working? I just wanna be a mommy, does anyone have any advice on staying hopeful? Baby dust to all! Thanks in advance