Will I ever get pregnant?

I've been trying to concieve for 15 months or so now. I can get pregnant as I have been pregnant in the past but unfortunately that didn't last long. I'm heartbroken. My boyfriend has no fertility issues and neither do I. I have tried everything. Fertilitea, preseed, bbt, opk's, digital opk's, the clearblue advanced fertility monitor, I have had months where I've been obsessed, I've even just taken 3 or 4 months out where we haveo ne absolutely nothing! We had a pure break, now I'm back. Still not pregnant. My periods are very regular. According to my doctor I ovulate perfectly. But still no positive test. It's beginning to get me down. I feel like it's never going to happen. I am roughly 10dpo today. Won't be testing because I know AF will just arrive. I have some symptoms but only symptoms I believe are just pms because that's what it always is. I just want to pour my heart out. I just want to cry. It's beginning to really get me down and I feel like there is no where to turn to. We have tried everything, and I just feel like it's a never ending cycle. I'm physically distraught. I've been doing okay until now. We took a few months break from all of the ttc malarkey and still nothing, I even deleted glow so I wasn't tempted to log in. Now I'm back and more down than ever. I just need a little light at the end of this tunnel. It would be easier if I knew whether I will definitely have a baby. Because if someone could tell me I will then I wouldn't stress so much. I was perfectly calm, but as of today I am starting to let it get to me. What do I do? The doctors keep saying it will happen, by tey have been for over a year! I'm 23, young, healthy, no problems.. But it's just never going to be my time is it? I'm sorry for this depressing post everyone, I just needed to speak.. I feel like I haven't got a while :(