If ur ttc...dont loose the faith that made u start

So my husband and i have been ttc for our 2nd child since may and finally my dr put me on letrozole. I had a reaction where i swole up in my legs but i got pregnant. Before getting pregnant then i had had a miscarriage in april, i got pregnant in september on letrozole and had another miscarriage. So we tried clomid and nothing no bfp. I got back on letrozole and again i got pregnant but had a miscarriage. I was so ready to give up and i told myself, ill only try one more time because as im sure all of u know the ttc journey is physically mentally and emotionally difficult from <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android">tracking ovulation</a> to timing bd time to the tww and then to just get hit with bfn or losses every month just to name a few bc believe me when i say theres more to it than just that. Well yesterday i got my bfp. I took test after test bc i wanted to see line progression to make sure my numbers were climbing. Yesterday about noon i got a vvvvvfl that wouldnt show up on camera but today i got yes+ on an frer digital. So im here to say. Keep that fire inside u that drove u to ttc in the first place dont give up but most important thing i did was trust God's timing. He knows best. Some of u may not agree with me and thats ok we all have our own opinions. Im just saying dont loose that burning desire u have to be a mom. Its ok to take a break from ttc but when u go back to it go harder than u did before. Keep ur mind clear. I honestly didnt think this would be my month bc i usually test waaaaayyy early for ovulation and pregnancy but this month i wasnt as worried about it and it happened. Good luck ladies and baby dust to u all