I do not believe in religion! (Please read before posting negative comments.)

That's right. I do not believe in religion. I believe, as a Christian, that religion causes the separation of God's people. I believe that it is not about the religion that you think you have, but about the relationship that you have with God. Religion leads to judgement like that of the Pharisees in the Bible. Those who judged sinners, and even dared to judge the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 
God told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He wants us to love and have relationships with each other, but more importantly, He wants us to have a relationship with Him. To talk to Him every day, to look to Him as our Heavenly Father  and His word, the Bible, and seek guidance through our lives. He wants us to rejoice in His ways and to have faith that as long as we follow Him, He will never let us down, no matter how low we may feel. 
​No matter what we have gone through, no matter the sins we have committed, no matter the flaws in our lives, and no matter the addictions we may face, God sees us as His children. He loves each and every one of us, and as long as we admit that His son, Jesus Christ, came to this Earth and died for our sins- that he is our savior- and as long as we pray and read the word and acknowledge that God is our Heavenly Father and look to Him for that fatherly guidance, we are SAVED, no matter our "religion!" Remember, it is about a "relationship!" ?