False labor all dang night 😭


36&5 with baby#3

Lost big piece of plug at 7pm and at 11pm I started having contractions every 2 minutes, but they weren’t every intense I could still walk and talk through them. They were just super close . Lost more plug through the night and had tons of diarrhea.

So I waited, drank water, bounced On my ball, took a bath, walked.

Finally at 3am I decided to try to sleep. 3-5 asleep: woke up timed again every 4 minutes.

Then went back to sleep at 7:30-9:30.

No contractions since .

What the helll guys !?

I’m so freaking exhausted . Wast his false labor ? Early labor Thatd decided to stalk our ? Idk . But Im just ready for her to get out.